Unpacking level 3 regulations for Travel Businesses webinar FAQs

ASATA: Unpacking level 3 regulations for Travel Businesses webinar FAQs Additional information on travel in Alert Level 3 can be found on the ASATA page: Level 3 Regulations. An Advanced Level 3 was announced on 17 June and the details for further allowances will be made shortly. What does it mean that the lockdown regulations […]

Italy releases guidance standards for the reopening of the tourism and hospitality sectors

The Italian Tourism Agency has released technical information sheets containing operational guidelines for the reopening of the country’s tourism and hospitality sectors. These sheets supply a clear summary of the general prevention and containment measures required to support a return to business compatible with client and employee health safeguards. Specifically, each sheet comprises the various […]

Please complete the second TBCSA COVID-19 update survey

The second iteration of the industrywide COVID-19 survey is now open for your input. This is the second in-depth survey undertaken by Department of Tourism, TBCSA and all its member associations, and IFC. The results of the first survey were presented to the Portfolio Committee on Tourism and the Select Committee on Trade and Industry, […]

ASATA Live Webinar: Dealing with refunds and cancellations

Join ASATA Live for a webinar where ASATA’s legal counsel, Elizabeth de Stadler and Consumer Goods & Services Ombud Complaint Manager, Nicky Stetka, will discuss the following points in relation to refunds and cancellations: Do travellers have the right to a refund during COVID-19? What are the travel agent’s rights? (Yes! You have some.) What […]