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ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you!

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Thank you to those who have registered for the ASATA Virtual Summit.

We can’t wait to kick off this event with you and open the discussion on the road to recovery in the travel industry.

Visit our event page for a programme of the events

We understand that some of you may have registered for the Travel Summit but have not received confirmation as yet.

Please email so we can ensure your details have been recorded as a participant and we can send you access links to the Summit.

What will you receive?   

  1. Watch premium content featuring 10 influential speakers.
  2. Access to live streaming sessions.
  3. Sessions include keynote presentations and panels.
  4. A fun networking session where you can connect with attendees and speakers.
  5. A Recovery Toolkit, including speakers presentations, documents and recordings will be available for download after the event.

How will it work?  

  1. You will automatically be registered for all sessions in the ASATA Travel Summit.
  2. Although we would love to see you at each session, you are welcome to attend only a few selected sessions of your choice.
  3. You are welcome to hop on and hop off the Summit during the day. You simply use the same link to reconnect.
  4. Today, 11th August, you will receive an automated e-mail with three personalised Zoom links, one for each of the three Summit days.
  5. During the event, you will receive a reminder in the morning (one hour before the start of the Summit) with your link for the day.
  6.  In case of any technological problems, you will be able to receive support on a dedicated chatbox on the Travel Summit microsite.  

Who will you see?

This year’s ASATA Summit, has a phenomenal line-up of industry experts, both South African and international:

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 1

Otto de Vries is the CEO of ASATA (Association of Southern African Travel Agents), past Chairman of the World Travel Agents Association Alliance (WTAAA) and board member of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA). He has been active in the travel industry for 30 years, 20 of those in senior management roles in the inbound, retail and wholesale sectors. He is a WTAAA delegate to the IATA Passenger Agency Global Joint Council (PAPGJC) and currently Chairs the WTAAA Air Committee. Through the Council he has participated on several sub-committees, including the steering group on NDC Thought Leadership, the Transparency in Payment Advisory Group and the IATA ADM Working Group.

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 2

Gidon Novick is known to many in the travel and tourism industry as one of the founders of as well as the co-CEO of listed airline group Comair. He spent twelve years in the airline industry, where he innovated and redefined the airline space and also launched the SLOW Lounge Concept. After leaving the airline industry, Gidon spent three years at Discovery as the CEO of Vitality and Head of Digital before starting Lucid Ventures, a hotel fund that is rolling out the boutique Home* Suite Hotel brand. He is a qualified CA(SA) and has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 3

Director of Big Ambitions, a specialist Cape Town-based travel sales and marketing consultancy created with the purpose of assisting travel and tourism companies in South Africa to become travel marketing experts, Natalia is a passionate follower of online marketing, social media, retail travel, inbound tourism and publishing. Natalia has editing, writing and management experience in the content generation, online marketing, social media and publishing fields, has completed an online marketing diploma with University of Stellenbosch, Honours in Journalism and Media Studies and Masters in Publishing with specialisation in online publishing field cum laude.

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 4

Elizabeth de Stadler has been ASATA’s legal adviser for the last 7000 COVID-years. She is also a founding Director of Novation Consulting. She is a rehabilitated lawyer who specialises in compliance and risk management, plain language legal communication and data privacy.

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 5

Ann Jarvis Smith is a change manager and lawyer whisperer at Novation Consulting. She loves to figure out what the implications of change really are and why people respond to change in the way they do. She has applied this love, together with her common-sense approach to communication, to change challenges in the fields of governance, risk and compliance. Want to find out more about Ann? Check her out on LinkedIn.

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 6

Host of the Money Show on 702 and Cape Talk, Bruce Whitfield has won more awards for financial journalism than any other working South African media professional. A celebrated broadcaster, author and TV presenter, he presents Taking Stock on eNCA and is a contributing editor at the Financial Mail. Bruce is a sought-after speaker and facilitator, who removes the jargon from financial speak, makes complex concepts accessible and kickstarts the conversations that’ll help move South Africa forward. He has a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University and is married with two children.

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 7

Jayson Westbury is the Lead Consultant at Dovic Consulting a multi-dimensional change & management advocacy firm dedicated to supporting sustainable businesses. Jayson has an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business, over 30 years of managerial experience in the travel, tourism, hotel, and hospitality sectors. His understanding of the payments eco-system both B2B and B2C in the travel sector and his global reach in advocacy work for the indirect distribution value chain has enabled him to build a deep reservoir of current knowledge keenly tuned to the current COVID19 pressures and future facing challenges.

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 8

Abby Penston joined Focus Travel Partnership at an important time in the consortium’s history – as it became a limited company. Abby will lead the partnership into growth and direct the Focus Travel Partnership panels, ensuring that the partners and central team work together to implement a guiding strategy set by the Board. Her overall responsibility is the running and future proofing the Partnership and to create and maintain a phenomenal brand, positioning Focus Travel Partnership as the leading business travel consortium in the UK.

ASATA Virtual Summit: We can’t wait to see you! 9

Alexander von Koslowski started his career as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Travel Overland GMBH in 1979. He has held senior positions with a number of global and European companies, including the roles of SVP, Supplier Relations at Travelocity Europe; Managing Director of Travel Overland,, and He is currently the VP Online Sales Tour Operator for Dertouristik GMBH and Chairs the Technical Working Group at ECTAA (The European Travel Agents and Tour Operators Associations).

The impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry is unprecedented and unpredictable. The nature of the content that is being shared on the ASATA coronavirus microsite is therefore constantly changing. Please check the date of the post to ascertain its recency.
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