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Beware of fraudulent emails

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ASATA members are requested to please be aware of fraudulent emails being circulated in respect of outstanding IATA payments.

From information received, it would appear as if fraudsters are out-and-about and sending emails regarding outstanding IATA payments in an effort to solicit funds.

Before responding to any emails or clicking on any links within emails please refer to the section on the IATA website pertaining to Email & Website Fraud Protection

Also keep the following in mind:

  • IATA never communicates via these domains:,,,,,,,,,, or
  • The list is not exhaustive and may change without warning. If you are unsure whether the email you received is a genuine email sent by IATA, contact
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The impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry is unprecedented and unpredictable. The nature of the content that is being shared on the ASATA coronavirus microsite is therefore constantly changing. Please check the date of the post to ascertain its recency.
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