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Complaints over online agency further proof why working with a Travel Advisor is key – Travel Pulse

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Travelers considering booking without a travel advisor should be aware of the risks.

A recent report in Travel Weekly laid bare the struggles many travelers face when trying to get a refund on canceled bookings.

According to the report, Miami-based OTA is the subject of numerous complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Customer grievances include refund delays and a lack of responsiveness, earning the company a grade of “F” from the bureau.

“Answering complaints is very important, and businesses must respond in order to maintain a good BBB rating,” a BBB national spokesperson told Travel Weekly. “If we keep seeing the same complaint over and over, we’ll reach out to the business. It’s always our goal to help businesses be better, but they have to be willing to work with us. If they don’t resolve the underlying problem that led to the pattern of complaint, their rating will quickly fall from a D or even an F.”

For its part, issued an apology.

Read the full article here.

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