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Department of Tourism issues updated Directions

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The Department of Tourism has gazetted updated Directions on the risk-adjusted strategy for tourism facilities, services and products.

The following amendments to Directions have been made

Amendment of paragraph 11 of the Directions

Paragraph 11.1 of the Directions is amended by the substitution for paragraph 11.1 of
the following paragraph:

“11.1 Attendance at a venue for a wedding, exhibition or any other function is limited to 50 percent of the capacity of the venue with a maximum of 250 persons at an indoor venue and a maximum of 500 persons at an outdoor venue: Provided that persons participating through electronic platforms are not included in these limitations and all hygienic conditions and physical distancing measures are adhered to, in order to limit the exposure of persons to COVID -19.”

Addition of Paragraph 13 to the Directions:

“Certificate of Occupancy

13. The owner or operator of a restaurant, conferences, meetings, weddings, exhibitions or functions venue, a hotel, lodge, bed and breakfast, timeshare facility, resort, guest house or a casino must display a certificate of occupancy which sets out the maximum number of persons the facility may hold. “.

To download the updated Directions, click on the link below:

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