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DIP providers’ withdrawal from BSP-ZA

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You would have all received an IATA notice, advising of the withdrawal of the current provider of DIP in BSP-ZA. Jack & Seach firmly believe that Brit would like to continue this relationship. However, due to the existing chain of events and so much uncertainty, they have had no option than to give notice as a precautionary.

I think it’s important to note this, as they are essentially reserving their rights. Should things normalise within the six-month time frame, they will consider retracting their termination.

“IATA will inform you of the required financial security amount needed for your agency within the next 60 days, but for now you might want to consider the following alternative acceptable financial securities available to you”

Click here to find the options provided by IATA, together with ASATA’s comments for your consideration.

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