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Chargebacks and ADMs: What should travel agents do if you receive an ADM from an airline?

If a travel agent receives an ADM for a transaction where the customer has been issued a voucher, ASATA suggests that you should contact the relevant bank which initiated the chargeback immediately. Explain that the customer has already received a voucher for the transaction and attach the COVID-19 cancellation policy of the relevant airline for the bank to see. For example, here is the link to SAA’s policy on this – which explains that customer’s are being issued vouchers for cancelled tickets and that chargebacks should not be issued on these transactions.

The travel agent should also lodge a dispute with the relevant card company and airline. The ASATA Cancellations and Refunds Guide discussed Visa’s and Mastercard’s chargeback policies on transactions where COVID-19 has rendered a merchant’s performance impossible. Both these card company’s have chosen not to reverse any transactions where there is an unsettled dispute, for instance, if the customer rejects a voucher from the merchant and demands a refund instead.

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