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Refunds and Cancellations: Your business model and Terms & Conditions will impact your situation

A travel agent’s business model affects how the law applies to their situation. This has to do with the contracts in place.

For instance, you may just act as a go-between for your client and the supplier where the contract is actually between those parties, and thus the booking is subject to the supplier’s terms and conditions.

The other scenario is when travel agents act as wholesalers. In this case, you would package various travel services to sell to your clients, and there would be a contract in place between you and your client, and you and the supplier. Depending on what these contracts say, you may be part of the transactional chain, and therefore your legal position will be slightly different.

There are also different considerations if you are on the inbound side, and based on your Terms and Conditions, South Africa’s Consumer Protection Act may not even apply.

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