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What happens if a traveller is unable to leave the country due to cancelled flights?

For any queries regarding flights, cancellations, and refunds, the airline in question should be the first contact. The aviation industry is changing quickly as the situation unfolds, and airlines will have the most up-to-date, accurate information when it comes to their own policies.

It depends on the airline, but in most cases, the passenger should be given a full refund if the airline has cancelled the flight and suspended all service out of South Africa. The traveller should then try to rebook their flight with another airline.

Airlines that fly direct between South Africa and the high-risk countries will need to review these routes and make decisions about whether it is sustainable to continue.

Over the course of the next week, repatriation will occur on a large scale around the world, following which many airlines will no longer be able to fill seats and will likely cut their service, by up to 50% to 70% in some cases. This means that what an airline is doing today, it might not be doing in a week’s time. After most repatriation has occurred, most airlines will need to be rescued or consolidated.

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