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What Is The Process I Must Follow To Put Someone On Short Time Or To Do A Temporary Lay Off?

You can’t just unilaterally change your employees’ conditions of employment, so you are going to have to consult, but it is not as onerous as the retrenchment period.

Here are the steps you have to take:

  1. Issue staff with the “notice of intention to introduce short time/temporary lay-off” document you will find here.

During lock-down it will be considered reasonable to cut the consultation process short as the employer does not have a choice.

  1. During the consultation period, give employees the opportunity to propose alternative solutions. You never know what they will come up with.

NB: Employees do not have to agree to this. As long as you can show that you have consulted with them and that this option is a reasonable alternative to retrenchments.

  1. Once you have consulted with your employees, issue them with a “notice of short time/temporary lay-off” document which you will find here.
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