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What ports of entry are affected?

South Africa has 72 ports of entry – 53 of which are land ports of entry. Of these, 11 are airports and eight are sea ports. These were evaluated individually, and it was decided that:

  • None of the 11 airports are going to be interfered with. These will run as normal, but with heightened activity and vigilance by port health authorities and immigration officials.
  • Of the sea ports: six will be left as is, but also with heightened activity. Two – Saldanha Bay and Mossel Bay – will only allow cargo transactions. No passengers or crew embarkation or disembarkation will be allowed.
  • Selection criteria for the 53 land ports of entry that will be closed was based on selecting those where there is no commercial activity or health facilities.
  • Botswana has 17 ports of entry with South Africa. Five will remain operational
  • Zimbabwe has one port of entry with South Africa which will remain open
  • Mozambique has four ports of entry with South, of which only one will remain open.
  • Lesotho has 14 ports of entry with South Africa, with only five remaining open
  • eSwatini has 11 ports of entry with South Africa, with only five remaining open.
  • Namibia has 6 points of entry with South Africa, of which only two will remain open.

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