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Government Gazette: Travel Restrictions for Citizens and Permanent Residents

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The Department of Home Affairs published a new directive that amends the lockdown regulations on travel restrictions, issued on 10 June 2020.

International travel is permitted for South African citizens or permanent residents for the purposes of travelling to their place of employment, study or residence. This travel will occur at their own cost and subject to the capacity available on international flights permitted for evacuation and repatriation.

The traveller must provide the Department of Home Affairs, at least five working days in advance of the intended date of travel, with:

(a) A copy of their valid South African passport;
(b) A letter of confirmation of admissibility or the validity of the visa or permit, issued by the relevant diplomatic or consular mission or authority of the receiving country;
(c) Where transiting through another country, proof of permission to transit through such country;
(d) Proof of the means of travel and the intended date of departure.

Upon return, South African citizens or permanent residents must undergo screening or examination – and subsequent isolation or quarantine if referred – before being admitted to the Republic.

The owner or person in charge of a conveyance, to enter or depart from South Africa, must provide the Department of Home Affairs and International Relations and Cooperation a list with details (manifest) of passengers and crew, prior to such entry or departure.

It is the responsibility of the owner or person in charge of a conveyance to ensure that all passengers are admissible in the country of disembarkation.
The directive also states that asylum seekers with refugee status and persons with a Lesotho Special Permit who hold a permit that has expired since 15 March 2020, will be granted an extension until 31 July 2020.

Click on the link below, to access the Gazette.

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