Do travellers from Africa have to produce a COVID-19 test on arrival?

Yes, all travellers from Africa will have to produce a valid certificate from an accredited laboratory of a negative COVID-19 PCR test not older than 72 hours, at all ports of entry. This includes South Africans (re-)entering the country. However, the regulations stipulate that business persons providing services across the borders of SADC are allowed […]

Are temporary residents allowed to enter South Africa from high-risk countries?

Individuals with valid temporary residence permits will be permitted to enter South Africa, regardless of whether they are travelling from a high-risk country, and provided they meet all other entry requirements. It should also be noted that the Department of Home Affairs is extending the validity of legally issued visas which expired during lockdown until […]

What can I expect when flying to South Africa?

Passengers flying to South Africa should allow extra time for check-in and screening at the airport. It is the responsibility of the airline to ensure that all passengers have the required documentation and meet the requirements to enter South Africa (as well as any other destination country). For flights to South Africa, the airline will […]

Who requires a visa to enter South Africa?

Minister Naledi Pandor’s briefing on 30 September stated that foreign national arrivals from low- and medium-risk countries will be subject to the prevailing visa requirements. The Department of Home Affairs since reinstated the visa exemption status of the citizens of the following countries which had been revoked at the commencement of the COVID-19 lockdown in […]

Is the Department of Home Affairs open to process travel documents?

The Department of Home Affairs will resume applications for identity cards or documents and all types of passports. DHA will also resume visa services, including submission of applications through VFS Global in the following categories:  Visitor’s visas Study visas Treaty visas Business visas Crew visas Medical treatment visas Relative visas General work visas Critical skills visas Intra-company transfer visas Retired person visas Corporate visas Exchange visas Waiver […]

Does the COVID-19 certificate need to be signed by a doctor?

Although it appeared in Minister Naledi Pandor’s briefing on 30 September that the certificate must have the name and signature of the practitioner who conducted such test, this requirement does not yet appear in a gazette (and is therefore not law). The gazette only stipulates that the test must be from an accredited laboratory and […]

What happens if the country in which I’m travelling suddenly moves from low-risk to high-risk?

Airlines from high-risk countries are not banned. Only leisure travellers coming from high-risk countries are prohibited from entering South Africa. South African citizens, permanent and temporary residents, travellers from Africa, medium- and low-risk countries, and business travellers from high-risk countries (having made an application to the Department of Home Affairs) are permitted to enter South […]

Is entry based on country of citizenship, residence, or where an individual has last visited?

South African citizens and permanent and temporary residents will be allowed to enter South Africa, whether or not they are travelling from or through a high-risk country, subject to the prescribed entry requirements (i.e. valid and negative COVID-19 PCR test result).  Entry into South Africa for foreign nationals is based on where the traveller has spent the previous 10 days.    […]