Passengers flying to South Africa should allow extra time for check-in and screening at the airport. It is the responsibility of the airline to ensure that all passengers have the required documentation and meet the requirements to enter South Africa (as well as any other destination country).

For flights to South Africa, the airline will check that passengers have a valid certificate of a negative COVID-19 PCR test, obtained not more than 72 hours from the time of departure from the country of origin to South Africa; a valid visa to enter South Africa, if applicable; and travel insurance for foreign nationals. (Although travel insurance was mentioned by the minister in the recent briefing, it has not been gazetted. Until it appears in a government gazette, it is not law, but airlines may still ask for it nonetheless. We are seeking further clarity on this point.)

Please print out all required documents to present at check-in before boarding your flight to South Africa to help prevent delays.

On the plane, all passengers will be given an entry screening health questionnaire to complete. The form asks about passengers’ activities over the previous 14 days.

As passengers disembark, there will be officers standing by to collect the COVID-19 test certificates. At passport control, the health declaration forms will be collected and the immigration officer will ask to see your passport and visa, if applicable.

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