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IATA Reminder: Enrolling agency payment cards, for steady BSP financial operations

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ASATA has received the following communication from IATA:

In support of your business operations, IATA would like to remind agents that if they wish to use their own card to issue tickets using an airline’s merchant agreement it is essential for them to enroll your card through BSPlink and receive the concerned airlines’ consent for using it.

By enrolling your agency’s own cards, you will enable the airlines to express their consent policy to your card(s). In addition, you will receive notifications and updates on changes to Airline(s) consent applicable to your card(s).

What is an Agent Own Card

It’s a plastic or virtual card used by your Agency to transfer monies collected from the customer to the BSP Airlines, including:

• Any type of card issued in the name of your Agency
• Any card issued for a person permitted to act on behalf of your Agency
• Cards of one of your Agency contracted suppliers

Above is applicable for both Consumer and Corporate cards except for Alternative Transfer Methods (ATMs), products that are specifically designed for Travel Agents and registered by the payment provider through the IATA Customer Portal.

How can I Enroll my Agent Own Card on BSPlink?

You can simply follow the below steps to enroll your own cards

  1. Log into the IATA Customer Portal
  2. Under Services, click on “BSPlink”
  3. Once in BSPlink, Select “TIP” and “Own Cards Maintenance” option
    A step by step video guide is also available for you here.

To read the full notification sent by IATA, please click here.

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