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Ireland introduces new measures around traveller quarantine and limiting travel

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On 26 January 2021, the government of Ireland announced that the current Level 5 public health restrictions will remain in place until 5 March 2021.

Noting that non-essential international travel is a breach to Level 5 rules, the government has agreed to introduce a number of measures aimed at reducing the risk it poses, including:

1. An increase to the fixed penalty for breach of the rules relating to international travel.

2. Increased Garda checks and enforcement activity relating to people travelling internationally who are in breach of Level 5 rules.

3. The existing regulations requiring pre-departure PCR tests will be extended to 5 March.

4. A range of mandatory quarantine measures will be introduced, applying to all international arrivals:

  • mandatory quarantine at a designated facility will be required for passengers who arrive in breach of the pre-departure negative/’not detected’ PCR requirement
  • mandatory quarantine at a designated facility will be required for persons who arrive from Brazil and South Africa
  • in other cases, passengers will be required by law to quarantine at home

Application of these measures to passengers who are not EU/EEA citizens can be introduced by regulations. For all other passengers, it will be necessary to amend primary legislation. The detailed legislative work to implement this will get underway immediately.

5. Restriction of travel from South Africa, Brazil and other South American countries, including suspension of visa-free short-term visits, until 5 March.

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