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KLM tickets can be exchanged for a refundable voucher

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Effective immediately, KLM customers can request a refundable voucher – free of charge and for whatever reason – for all tickets with a planned departure up and until 31 March 2021. Customers then have the choice of buying a new ticket with the voucher or requesting a refund.

In recent months, KLM has gradually restored its network, giving customers the chance to reconnect with family, friends and business relations, or to go on holiday.

No cancellation policy foresaw the scale of travel restrictions imposed on travellers around the world in recent months.

Due to these travel restrictions, KLM had to cancel large numbers of flights, resulting in a large number of refund requests.

Therefore, the airline says, it needs more time than usual to process these numbers.

For a full overview of KLM destinations, please click here.KLM customers can click here for specific travel and access requirements at their chosen destination.

KLM has taken a wide array of precautions to ensure that its flights are safe for passengers and staff. Facemasks are obligatory during boarding and throughout the flight, extra hygiene measures have been taken on board, and KLM aircraft are cleaned even more thoroughly. The air onboard is constantly refreshed with the aid of HEPA filters. For further information on hygiene measures, please check or watch this video:

For more information:

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