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Munich Airport and Lufthansa ensure safe travel on the ground and in the air

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Munich Airport and Lufthansa have implemented numerous measures to ensure that travel on the ground and in the air meet an increased level of hygiene and safety standards. Passengers and employees are required to wear a mouth-and-nose cover as soon as they enter the terminal buildings.

Passengers are informed of the requirements, along with guidelines of conduct and distance, by means of regular announcements, posters, video screens and increased staff presence in the terminals. Passengers have the opportunity to employ contactless check-in by using machines, as well as the opportunity to check their baggage independently.

At security and border control, as well as at the gates, there is guidance on where to go through lines and clearly visible floor markings. This will ensure that passengers maintain the required distances.

At boarding, passengers are divided into zones so that large queues are avoided. All passengers will receive a disinfecting wipe before boarding the aircraft. Lufthansa passengers are also required to wear their mouth and nose covers on board the aircraft. Furthermore, all Lufthansa aircraft cabins are disinfected after each landing. 

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