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Namibia eases travel restrictions

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Namibia last week eased travel restrictions for inbound travel.

The eased regulations now include:

ALL travelers (including tourists, business travelers and all Namibians and Permit Holders) who arrive in Namibia with a negative PCR test result, that is not older than 72 hours, will be permitted to proceed to their final destination in the country. The requirement for the mandatory 5 day retest has been withdrawn.

All travelers who arrive in Namibia with a negative PCR test result that is older than 72 hours but not older than 7 days, will be permitted to enter the country. However, they will be required to undergo 7-days supervised quarantine at home or tourism facility. In the event that these environments do not fulfill quarantine requirements, the travelers will be placed under mandatory Government quarantine facilities at own cost.

Non-Namibians, who do not present a negative COVID19 PCR test result, will not be granted entry into the country.

Returning Namibian citizens or Permit Holders may enter the country with or without a COVID-19 PCR test result. In the event such persons present a positive test result or no result at all, they will be subjected to mandatory quarantine and testing or isolation, after arrival. This provision shall also apply to aircraft and marine vessel crewmembers; humanitarian aid workers, essential service providers, as well as operators and drivers of cross-border transport vehicles who arrive in the country without the requisite test.

Restrictions on passenger numbers in public transport, private vehicles and group tour operators are herewith lifted. This means, vehicle occupancy can revert to the respective carrying capacities of a particular vehicle.

However, drivers, passengers and operators are required to continue taking the necessary precautionsIn line with the “Saving Lives, economies and livelihood” Campaign of the African Union, Namibia will continue to harmonize the re-opening of borders and resumption of full economic and social activities. To this end, Namibia will gradually re-open borders on reciprocal basis and resume social activities including contact sport activities; face-to-face instruction for tertiary institutions and schools where social distancing is feasible.

The limitation to the number of persons permitted at public gatherings shall be increased to a maximum of 200 persons until 30 November 2020.

The protocols for COVID-19 burials will be conducted as per previous regulations.

Click on the link below to view the original statement issued by the Namibian Government.

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