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SAICA Q&A session with UIF

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South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) hosted a webinar with representatives from the UIF to give an update on the latest UIF issues and queries. You can view the recording here.

Closure of April and May applications

The closure of April and May applications has not yet been announced, but the intention is to close these applications by the end of July. The final decision on this matter will be communicated by Makhosonke Buthelezi, Director of Communication and Marketing UIF.

To ensure that your April and May applications are attended to, Allan Ragavaloo, Director of Provincial Support UIF, advises that you submit your April and May applications should have been completed by, 30 July.

If applications are closed for April and May, this means that no new applications will be accepted, but any applications that are in the system, whether they have been denied due to an error or are pending payment for some other reason, will all still be processed.

Incorrect data in the system

The online portal is being configured to allow employers to rectify incorrect data themselves. This functionality is expected to be live on 10 August.

Employers will then have the opportunity to update or correct data related to monthly salaries, leave income, and lockdown period dates.

Bank verifications

The online portal is also being configured to provide a specific reason for failed bank verification to help applicants rectify incorrect data, e.g. when the bank account does not match with the enterprise number (for entities registered with the Department of Trade and Industry); or ID number or passport number (for sole proprietors or domestic workers).

Bank verification with verifying banks is an automated process that takes anywhere from 24-48 hours.

Bank verification with non-verifying banks, or for entities without an enterprise number, ID or passport number, occurs manually by sending details to the respective bank via ABSA. This process will be improved by involving the National Treasury to match accounts with entities/individuals. If the National Treasury does not find a match, details will then be sent to the respective bank.

If verification fails, applicants can change the details in the system. However, once banking details have been verified, they are locked in the system.

Blocked account

Users with blocked uFiling accounts will be receiving a letter from UIF Risk Management explaining the steps for unblocking an account.

Beginning a UIF claim, still linked to TERS

If you are an employee who has received TERS but now must apply for normal UIF (due to retrenchment), you must be removed from the TERS system before applying to UIF. (The system currently picks up on an employee’s ID number and will not allow an employee to have more than one application in progress at the same time.) Email to assist in unblocking your access to UIF.

Password reset

An account is blocked after three incorrect password entries. If you are unable to reset your password, send an email (subject: password reset) to, including your mobile number to answer security questions over the phone.

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