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#IAmTourism campaign launched to recognise the super-lifters in the tourism and travel industry

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The South Africa is Travel Ready Collective launched its new #IAmTourism campaign this month seeking to highlight Travel and Tourism super-lifters who selflessly lift others to greatness, not only in times of COVID, but before and beyond.

This new campaign, under the banner of #LiftingOthers, opens the door to recognising individuals in our tourism lives who have seen our potential and that of others and have given us a hand-up. Although our borders are now open, travel restrictions from our source markets are still impeding our tourism recovery, which is something that we cannot control. What we can do is to recognise the Super-lifters and their contributions to a creating a globally robust tourism sector.

Like its #IAmTourism predecessor, #LiftingOthers stories will be featured on the website and in social media and media. The Travel and Tourism community are invited to motivate on behalf of their super-lifters whose stories will be revealed through video interviews and blogposts.

To submit your motivation for consideration in the campaign, simply email with the name and contact email of your super-lifter and a brief explanation of how they gave you a hand-up. The South Africa is Travel Ready Collective will select 21 of these to be featured in the months of February and March.

Everybody has that someone who has given them a hand-up; a super-lifter who has helped them on a path and saw the potential perhaps before they even knew they had it. These are often people who work behind the scenes and shine their light on others so they may step up and take their path to greatness. #LiftingOthers is about shining the spotlight on them to show and share our gratitude for their efforts.

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