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TBCSA issues latest protocols for tourism industry operations

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The Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) has issued the latest version of the protocols for tourism industry operations.

These protocols have been collated by input from its various member associations, for the operation of all types of tourism businesses or facilities in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The protocols align with the WHO, NICD and Department of Health guidelines and advice, and will be continuously updated and realigned as required. They cover customer information, PPE, physical distancing, and sanitisation and hygiene practices, among others, for staff and customers.

TBCSA has ensured the crucial areas of concern for government are addressed through these protocols being:

  • Special measures for persons with higher risk
  • Limit risk of transmission as a result of staff travelling on public transport
  • Limit risk of transmission as a result of travel between districts and provinces
  • Trace contacts in the event of someone testing positive for COVID-19
  • Commitment to the protocols

The protocols represent a critical step towards enabling travel, tourism and related industries to operate safely as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

View the latest version of the COVID-19 Protocols for Tourism Industry Operations by clicking on the link below:

The impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry is unprecedented and unpredictable. The nature of the content that is being shared on the ASATA coronavirus microsite is therefore constantly changing. Please check the date of the post to ascertain its recency.
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