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To assist users to understand the status quo of UIF TERS, the Department of Labour and Employment has issued the below key updates and information:

Risk Mitigation Measures

Despite a short payment suspension last week, payments have resumed for TERS benefits. Additional risk mitigation measures have been introduced to the system, in line with the commitment to stop claims by ineligible parties.

One such step is the temporary hold on all employees who are 60 years and older, and eligible to claim a SASSA old age grant. Others, receiving government funds including NSFAS and those on Government payrolls, have also been placed on hold. The UIF is preparing to cross-reference the TERS database with that of SASSA to identify any individuals who are “double-dipping”. Once completed, all holds will be lifted on individuals who are not receiving other benefits.

Further, no ID numbers will be accepted by the TERS portal for individuals younger than 15 years old, the legal working age.

We request that Users take extra care in preparation of data before submission onto the TERS portal as data error contributes to delays in payment and possibility of flags for risk assessment, e.g. submitting an incorrect ID number.

Call Centre

Regretfully the Call Centre capacity has reduced, and we are aware that this has created frustration amongst Users who may struggle to get through. We thank you for your patience and can assure you of our best efforts to resolve this.

On the upside, the Call Centre is now managed internally by the UIF and many queries raised can be resolved immediately during the call.

We recommend that Users visit the Frequently Asked Questions document. It contains guidance on some of the common questions and can assist you to self-help, where appropriate.

July/August Claim Processing

Processing for the July/August claim period has not yet begun. As a result, Users may see that their CSV files are not yet reflecting records of employees under the Saved Employee screens.

Processing is scheduled to begin imminently, and Users should see movement on their claims, as well as payments in the coming days and weeks.

The impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry is unprecedented and unpredictable. The nature of the content that is being shared on the ASATA coronavirus microsite is therefore constantly changing. Please check the date of the post to ascertain its recency.
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