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UIF COVID-19 TERS Payments – Discrepancy Resolution

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The Department of Labour and Employement has issued the following notice, with regards to UIF COVID-19 TERS Payments – Discrepancy Resolution.

The UIF has received many enquiries from Users about incorrect benefits paid, mostly related to the inaccurate capture of information on the application, either CSV or manually on the TERS portal.

To mitigate delays in resolving queries and enable payments to beneficiaries, the UIF has embarked on an automated process to enable Users to self-correct errors on previously paid claims, via the portal.

Users will be aware that information can be updated on individual employee records until such time as payment is made to that individual. However, there have been many payment queries where Users have realised – after payment has been made – that data was incorrectly captured.


Do not make any changes for periods (months) where benefits were overpaid and where money was refunded to the UIF. This is to avoid any duplicate deductions.

Discrepancy process

A Discrepancy process has been developed on the online TERS portal which will enable Users to make certain corrections on individual employee records, even after payment has been made to that person.

The fields that impact the calculation of benefits, and which will be able to be corrected are:

Monthly salary:
Data capture errors, including inserting the incorrect Rand value entered in the Monthly Salary field, could have resulted in a lesser benefit amount paid to employees.

The amount entered in this field should be the monthly salary the employee normally earns if they were not affected by the lockdown.

Remuneration earned for work done:

This is the information that was entered into the “Leave Income” column in the spreadsheet. Some Users incorrectly included values for annual leave, advances, loans, or other ex gratia payments. This should not have been included as it affects the benefit calculations, and results in a lesser benefit payment.

Only remuneration for hours worked in the period should be included in this field. If the employee did not work during the period, enter zero (0).

To view the notice, please click on the link below:

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