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Webinar Reminder: Occupational health and safety for tourism and travel business at a time of COVID-19 and beyond

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As tourism and travel attempt to de-risk the sector with a view to lobbying for an earlier relaunch, a set of draft protocols has been developed.

To talk about some of these, as well as provide advice on how to prepare for your own return to the workplace, we’re joined by two occupational hygienists, Naadiya Nadasen and Kenneth Boyers, from APEX Environmental for an in-depth webinar.
 Date: 29 May, 2020
Time: 10:00

If you would still like to register for the webinar, please click here.

Should you have any specific questions that you would like addressed during the webinar, please feel free to email us. Visit our website for additional information and resources.

The impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry is unprecedented and unpredictable. The nature of the content that is being shared on the ASATA coronavirus microsite is therefore constantly changing. Please check the date of the post to ascertain its recency.
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